Maintaining Customer Engagement

This time is challenging for many businesses, particularly those who are unable to maintain their typical functions due to recent restrictions. The below list of companies have displayed adaption to meet the challenges faced during this time. This list is an example of the many businesses who have successfully pivoted to adapt to the changing environment, ensuring they maintain engagement with their customers.

F45 : 45 Day Fitness Challenge

At a time when people are unable to go to the gym, F45 have created a 45-day online fitness challenge, that supports people to sustain both their health and well being. With the help of the F45 trainers, recipe library and online training session, individuals can replicate a typical F45 experience from home.

This is a great idea for those that want to stay in shape while their activity and motivation levels are tested. The app and website are not only available for people who are members of the fitness program, but also those new to the company. The challenge is a way to grow business after social distancing restrictions relax, from those who were once unfamiliar with the brand now having access. F45 has displayed great initiative to supply the challenge to all who wish to join, allowing their brand to stay relevant while supplying an appropriate substitute to their training programs.

South Australian Tourism : SA TV et cetera

SA Tourism has had a challenging year with the bush fires hampering the state tourism industry. The success of the #BookThemOut campaign was short lived due to the travel restrictions being placed soon after the campaign’s launch, curbing trips of many who had planned to support those affected by the bush fires. SA Tourism has created a segment on their website called SA TV, displaying updates from the local businesses of the region. For example, displayed below is an episode with representatives of Udder Delights and Chain of Ponds, speaking with viewers about local cheese and wine choices, then suggested pairings. There is also a ‘Tip Jar’ to allow viewers to support these businesses. SA TV is an opportunity for these businesses to maintain recognition during this time. While also allowing viewers to experience what South Australia has to offer without leaving home.


Lexus home test drives

While some may not be driving as much as usual, Lexus has made it simple and possibly easier than usual to service your Lexus vehicle. Recent advertising from Lexus has illustrated their awareness of the limitations that the global situation is having on their customers and have made changes to lessen the difficulty.

They have introduced a new policy to pick up the vehicle from the requested location, provide a loan car, service the vehicle and deliver it once it is ready, fully cleaned and sanitized, without any additional fee other than usual servicing cost. This is also an option for those interested in purchasing new and used vehicles from Lexus, including delivery and sanitation. This displays adaptability to the new situation, enabling their consumers to feel supported by their new needs during this time.

Bunnings DIY Live

Much like most retailers, Bunnings has had to imposed restriction to their shopping environment, which has unfortunately stopped their usual D.I.Y. presentations. With many people using this time at home to start or complete projects, it is a possible lost opportunity that is typically supported by such demonstrations.

Bunnings has combat this by now displaying D.I.Y projects through their website and Instagram. Much like SA TV, it allows for a more interactive method of media consumption with the brand and customer. This is also an opportunity for conversation to arise, as many can ask questions within the comment section of each video. This is another great method for a business to continue provide their services in a newly adapted way.

These examples are just a few of the great way’s businesses have adapted to the new trials this time has created. By learning from such companies who are engaged with their customers and aware of the changing environment and needs of the consumer, it is a positive step to ensuring endurance through such difficult times.

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