8 reactions to South Australia’s lockdown ‘whiplash!’

As South Australia’s six-day lockdown has been cut short, it’s fair to say all eyes are on Australia’s festival state. The circuit breaker lockdown was quickly put into action on Wednesday night after a confirmed COVID case “misled” contact tracers. Now, the lockdown will end on Saturday, three days ahead of schedule. In what is potentially the most Adelaide thing to happen, like the one-way freeway, we look to what people are thinking and how they’re making sense of everything. 

1: Some are feeling the whiplash:

2: While some are using it as an oppourtunity to poke fun at stockpilers, who plagued supermarkets for hours for no good reason:

3: Others found comfort in South Australia’s quick response (which might be useful for when a zombie apocolypse hits):

4: Cricket fans are hopeful for a test match in South Australia:

5: And some spare a thought for Melbourne, who went through their own hard lockdown:

Although South Australia finds itself in crazy situation, what we see here is the human ability to find the funny in an otherwise stressful and angering event. A sense of humour is sometimes the one thing people have to bring light to a situation – even a hard lockdown which uproots your plans for no good reason.

But while the people shown above could see the funny side in the lockdown debacle, others had a different view on South Australia’s hasty lockdown decision.

5: The more negative views span from distrusting of the government:


6: To wanting to have the man who lied to contact tracers face punishment for the economic impact:

7: This outrage and anger comes as the lockdown put a strain on the economy, especially as the forced closure of businesses for the circuit breaker came without any compensation:

8: And some people, are just glad its over:

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