Where it began

On returning from work at the start of 2017 I emailed this to our list.

Since, we haven’t missed a week, somewhat inspired by Jerry Sinfeld’s ‘Don’t Break the Chain Theory’ of writing…

What a great time of the year! Time to chillax, refresh and invigorate. Ahhh.

If you are looking for something to distract and ponder for the year ahead …

Here are some of my popular articles and posts during 2016 – behaviour change to perspectives on agile strategic thinking, the importance of the Arts, innovation, deliberate practice, the potential psychological challenges of small cities such as Adelaide, market research and more.

Quick 2 minute reads – You can observe a lot by just watching and I’d like to teach the world to sing.

Behaviour change and market research…

How to change behaviour April 2016

“It has been so interesting to observe the adoption of psychology principals in business strategy and amongst marketers (traditional and digital). And, a greater focus on driving action rather than aimlessly hoping that the marketing will build propensity to buy and hopefully, one day, hopefully, maybe, hopefully, they might actually encourage new customers to buy.”

Embracing design thinking to unlock the ideas boom July 2016 (Also published in the July Australian Market and Social Reseearch magazine Research News)

“In my 22 years in market and social research, there is no question that the industry is ever evolving and innovative. Yet, there is opportunity for the research industry to move thinking around innovation beyond how to better collect consumer understanding towards a more integrated and holistic approach to moving from research to insight, to ideas and most importantly action.

5 steps to finding an insightful market researcher November 2015 (Also published in Top 50 Marketing Management Posts of 2016 by Darren Wooley)

“I’m here today to argue that the best insight is found at the intersect between intuitive thinking and analytical thinking, and those most adept at finding this sweet spot are professional market researchers.”

About my home Adelaide, South Australia

Get off the couch, Adelaide February 2016 (Published in February SA Life)

“There are about 7,400,000,000 people across the globe. Only 0.02 per cent of these live in Adelaide. With a small population in a big world, there is a risk of being insular and lacking the necessary self-identity and progressive mindset to be psychologically and economically resilient.”

About the Arts and innovation

The Arts, and our future innovators December 2016

“There is increasing pressure for people to be innovators (whatever that means), but the reality is that very, very few have the necessary skills and minds. Even the few that do, the vast majority of their leaders are risk adverse, blind to big ideas and opportunities (that aren’t their own), funding poor or otherwise suck any desire from team members to think differently and unlock their inner innovator.”

Square Holes and lessons on getting started, surviving and suceeding

Happy Birthday Square Holes! 12 lessons December 2016

“We and I have learnt many lessons, too many for today. Such as the importance of smart work, above hard work, and mindfulness over a mind full of chaos and uncoordinated opportunity. And, enjoy the ride. While the pursuit of your passion is important, keep your perspective. Don’t take it all too seriously and have a well balanced life full of fun, family and friends.”

Deliberate practice and behaviour change 

Overcoming ordinary (or ‘Finding your Superpower’) November 2016

“I recently pondered what it takes for someone to go from zero to hero, be this professionally, or to build proficiency in a musical instrument, or speaking a foreign language, becoming a master chef or triumphing in surfing, cycling or tennis. Talent clearly has a role, but what takes someone from dabbling to becoming more than ordinary?”

Team Square Holes is steadily moving into 2017 with many exciting projects (post a manic 2016), While I’m not officially back for a week or so, I am keen to catch up with like-minded clients and friends old and new, and to explore new exciting opportunities to launch the new year with a BANG!

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