André Noël Chaker, Building a Strong Culture

Today André Noël Chaker joins us from Finland. Author of acclaimed books including the Finnish Miracle, which explores Finland’s success in building a strong and successful culture.

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In today’s interview, Andre shares his story as a young boy growing up in Montreal, becoming a member of the New York Bar, leading two major global scientific organisations and becoming a successful entrepreneur. Being the leading force in many science, technology, gaming and sports related start-up ventures. He has worked with some of the world’s largest IT companies including Nokia, Microsoft and IBM, and is now a globally in demand and award winning speaker.

It was great to sit on the couch with Andre during a gap at Hybrid World Adelaide in South Australia, overlooking the beautiful River Torrens and Adelaide Oval to discuss wide ranging topics from the importance of a strong education system and embracing global opportunities, why is Finland uniquely successful from its historic adversity, what makes a liveable city, how to make dreams to true if we can move beyond status quo, and much more.

You can find André via LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Books …

The Finnish Miracle

Santa’s Dream (available free until 31 August 2018)

Talk …

Three Finnish S’s | André Noël Chaker | TEDxSemesterAtSea

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