Michael O’Brien, Aboriginal History, Community, Land and Sea

Today we meet with Michael or Mickey, O’Brien on the country of Kaurna people. Real people is focused on understanding people and cultural differences, and it was great to gain some insights into the world’s oldest living population on earth. We discussed the importance of preserving and educating the history of Aboriginal people, its language and values for future generations. And, that a strong community doesn’t just look after the needs of the majority, but also the minority and vulnerable. Aboriginal people continue to have a lower life expectancy and are significantly over represented in many areas illustrating worrying socioeconomic gaps.

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We discuss what we can learn from Aboriginal people including connection to land, sea, waterways and sky, and the importance of only taking what we need and investing in the future.

Today we meet with Michael or Mickey, O’Brien on the country of Kaurna people. We recognise Kaurna as the Traditional Owner and Custodians of the Adelaide Plains. We recognise the significance for Kaurna people and of their: cultural and spiritual relationship with the land, sea, waterways and sky; and cultural heritage and beliefs.

The Acknowledgement is of continuing importance to Kaurna people living today.

Thank you to Mickey for the welcome to Kaurna country to start this episode.

Mickey is a spokesperson, trainer and leader of the Kaurna people, and a passionate advocate for Aboriginal culture, language and history. Today Mickey shares is story from a young boy as the 6th born male in his family, with a younger sister, to priorities for the future locally and globally. We have a fascinating discussion about generally forgotten Aboriginal history, and the importance of community and giving back to support a positive future.

You can find Michael via LinkedIn, but as he says in his interview, best to get in contact less digitally as that’s how people form relationships

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