Peter Joy – Brand Thinker & Strategist – Products, People, Places, Brands

We talk to Peter Joy about all things people, brands, trust and the importance of products and places telling a compelling story. Peter is well recognised as a leading brand thinker and strategist, building on a highly successful career in advertising and marketing. Peter has held senior executive roles in local and globally focused brand and advertising agencies including Clemenger BBDO, Young & Rubicam and Jam Shop.

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Peter is currently Executive Chair of Brand South Australia, a not-for-profit, member-based organisation with the sole aim to positively position South Australia. As well as holding other board and consulting roles.

We sat down in the iconic Adelaide restaurant Rigoni’s for coffee to go on a wonderful journey from Peter’s childhood, ever curious about everything, but especially how people communicate.

This is an interview overflowing with insights and observations on life, small cities and towns. And, how to tell a great brand story, that builds trust, and reputation.

You can find Peter via LinkedIn or via the Brand South Australia website

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