Real People: Dave

We believe that meaningful change can only come from understanding people and culture. And one of the ways we have decided to illustrate that on our new website is through the introduction of our ‘Real People’ photographic series.

Name: Dave
Location: Adelaide
Age: Unknown

What is something that made you feel joy recently?
Most days we get to experience joy and that’s a nice foil to all of the madness and that’s the special thing about working with my partner. We’re on the journey of the highs and the lows and when we have wins we share them together and that’s really fun. 

What is your pet peeve?
Being a meticulous designer. I’m also kind of a meticulous clean freak. 

What do you love about living in your city?
I love the pace and I love the positive energy that people have and the supportive nature that Adelaide is. It doesn’t have the down right competitive problems that big cities have, because people reach for a high bar in whatever they do here. I think there’s a lot of respect and that’s shared. I like to vocalise that with other people and let them know they are doing a good job and I hear a lot of people sharing the love and I think that brings good energy. That’s a good component of our city, even though sometimes it’s a bit slower and paired back, the positive energy is fantastic. 

What are you passionate about?
Designing jewellery with Naomi, making people feel happy. We’re really lucky in that the platform of jewellery allows us to connect emotionally with people and that’s what we love to do, is to emotionally connect with people and be part of their journey and that’s really special being a part of our neighbourhood.


Square Holes engaged local photographer Thomas McCammon to go out into the community and photograph individuals and locales, while learning about their stories.

Thomas recently travelled overseas to Singapore, and Greece and locally to Adelaide and Sydney, where he took to the streets to meet with passersby to provide a snapshot of their lives. The Real People series is intended as a small insight for our clients and readers into the ‘real people’ driving change.

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