Real People: Hayden

A part of Square Holes recent brand update included a renewed focus on our company’s ethos through the introduction of our tagline, ‘Deeply understanding real people’.

We believe that meaningful change can only come from understanding people and culture. And one of the ways we have decided to illustrate that on our new website is through the introduction of our ‘Real People’ photographic series. Square Holes engaged local photographer Thomas McCammon to go out into the community and photograph individuals and locales, while learning about their stories.

It is our plan moving forward to expand this series into different locations with a number of photographers, as a snapshot of the people and lives being lived around the world. A small insight for our clients and readers into the ‘real people’ driving change.

Photo by Thomas McCammon

Name: Hayden
Location: West Croydon
Age: 25

What is something that made you feel joy recently?
I recently hosted a Halloween party at my house, and it was nice to have that build-up of excitement beforehand, along with the party itself of course. Dressing up in Halloween costumes and playing games with close friends was really fun and memorable.

What is your pet peeve?
I’m definitely always on the go and in a rush to get to places, so having slow walkers in the way definitely gets on my nerves.

What do you love about living in your city?
I love how much there is to do in Adelaide and just how easy it is to get around. You can go from brunch at the beach in the morning to visiting wineries in the hills easily in the same day. I also love the abundance of modern and hip cafes to check out.

What are you passionate about?
Definitely motorcycles. Over the last few years, I have recently restored and modified a classic Honda motorcycle. Being able to tinker in the garage of a weekend and take it for rides on sunny days always brings me happiness.

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