Embracing design thinking to unlock the ideas boom

Pretty pleased to have my thoughts shared in the July 2016 Australian Market and Social Research Society [AMSRS] Research News.

With permission it is shared below.

“Ideas are all the rage. Both at a Federal and State Government level there is a focus on enabling and encouraging the ideas economy. As Malcolm Turbull proclaimed on ousting Abbott – “There has never been a more exciting time to be an Australian.” 

Start-up funds, hubs and support programs are popping up quicker than bunnies at Easter. And our big Corporates and Government are rushing to embrace whatever it takes to be the next Facebook, Apple or Google.

Is the market and social research industry prepared to play a critical role in this exciting new era?

In my 22 years in market and social research, there is no question that the industry is ever evolving and innovative. Yet, there is opportunity for the research industry to move thinking around innovation beyond how to better collect consumer understanding towards a more integrated and holistic approach to moving from research to insight, to ideas and most importantly action.

Five considerations for researchers to have a key role in the ideas boom: 

  1. Own ‘the independent, expert, evidence based, consumer voice.’
  2. Evolve the research process, learning from design thinking.
  3. Focus on agility, building on evidence based insights to drive action.
  4. Avoid confirmation bias, and encourage a beginner’s mind.
  5. Improve skills in collaboration and education.

Please allow me to unpack these.”

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