Square Holes Profile: Christine Dunstone

The Square Holes team are made up of a cohort of researchers and inquisitive minds, poised to sink their teeth into the complex problems of our clients, to deliver insights and a roadmap forward for brands and organisations alike.

Christine is a Qualified Practicing Researcher (QPR) who leads and supports the team across a range of functions including project and methodology design, reporting, quality control, industry standards and ISO accreditation. She is highly experienced in all aspects of market research, and our quality control guru, ensuring that your project is a success through project planning for optimal research outputs and accuracy.

SH: What drew you to this sort of work?

Christine: I like to understand how people and organistions work, so market research provides an insight into how things tick. I love hearing other people’s opinions and responses to the world around them, it is always fascinating both how similar and different people of all backgrounds can be. We have the opportunity of talking and engaging with so many people throughout the year!

Photo by Thomas McCammon

SH: What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

C: Each project while similar is also different, it is always great when we can give the client something that they weren’t expecting, in a positive way of course.

SH: What do you find most challenging?

C: Managing time, we often have tight deadlines which can present challenges and pressures in a small team. However, we have such a great team who make it seem easy even though it isn’t.

SH: What’s a current obsession you have?

C: I love a cocktail and I love going out which can be dinner, theatre, music. I was disappointed to miss all of the Fringe and Festival this year as we were away, but looking forward to Cabaret Festival in June, which is always one of my favourite times of the year.

SH: What would you like to learn more about?

C: I would love to write better. So much of what we do is about storytelling and writing is a skill that is constantly evolving depending on who the audience is. We can be writing a report that will end up part of a strategy document through to quick grabs that will end up part of a social media campaign.

SH: What’s something you have discovered about yourself since working at/starting Square Holes?

C: That I can be flexible and manage time. Also, the ability to get on with numerous people from other team members, clients through to others in the industry. We are constantly learning new things which is really important in our industry.

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